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Teens for Social Inclusion

May 8, 2020

Being included is important to everyone, no matter what their age or ability. Inclusion Matters. That’s why we created Teens for Social Inclusion, a volunteer mentor program that teaches children how to be buddies with friends of different abilities.

Storytime with Kali Rocha

April 12, 2020

How about an original story from actress Kali Rocha (Disney’s Liv & Maddie and Man with a Plan)? Curl up and listen to “The Treasure Pot”, a story about kindness and inclusion written by Kali and her daughter, Savria with sound effects by her son, Barlow.

It’s You We Like, Mister Rogers

April 10, 2020

Fred Rogers showed young children the world in simple, yet direct ways. We love when Jeff Erlanger visited Mister Rogers and talked about his electric wheelchair. Join them in singing, “It’s You I Like” at