Our Programs

My Playground®
Catalyst Program

Can you imagine a childhood isolated from having friends, going to school, or participating in the life of your community? There are 93 million children worldwide who may experience this simply because they have a disability. Help us break down these barriers by building inclusive, sustainable communities where ALL children can grow, thrive, and play together. Inclusion Matters partners with communities globally to create fully-inclusive playgrounds that…

  • empower children with disabilities to be full, valued members of their communities.
  • inspire advocates in the communities to create sustainable social inclusion
  • build community resources by bringing diverse partnerships together in a shared vision

These unique, state-of-the art play spaces meet critical child development milestones by offering a wide variety of activities that support a child’s physical, cognitive, social, and sensory needs. Each one is designed to reflect the community it serves and is filled with rich and varied sensory play opportunities. Join Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration and build your playground today!

Together, We Are Able®
Education Program

Play is learning. When children play, they learn patience, gain self-esteem by trying new skills, and gain the social skills needed for life, among so many other benefitts. But this rich and powerful resource is closed for many children with disabilities. Whether the barriers are physical or social, many will grow up without being integrated into community and school play spaces. Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration offers an education program that erases these barriers. The program teaches social inclusion and social/emotional learning skills to students with and without disabilities through three easy steps. It combines classroom conversations with one-on-one play experiences and transforms our inclusive playgrounds into classrooms where students are allowed to play past their misconceptions about each other. Through this simple act, children learn one of life’s most important lessons: Compassion. Are you interested in more social inclusion at your school? Inclusion Matters curriculum and training resources equip you with the tools you need to implement the program on your campus!

My PlayClub®
Community Outreach Program

Our community is diverse. Our community includes everyone. And we are better together. My PlayClub brings families of all walks of life and abilities together on the playground to celebrate inclusion through fun, free play dates. They are hosted every other month at various playgrounds throughout Los Angeles. Each event is unique and offers play buddies, face painting, adapted activities, raffle prizes, and most importantly…friendship. It is a chance for families to unwind, get to know each other, discover new resources, and have a whole-family recreation experience. Join us on the playground and become a member today! You can participate, sponsor an event, volunteer, or share your organization’s resources! Interested in starting one in your neighborhood? Contact Inclusion Matters for more information on how to launch your own My PlayClub!