Our Founders

Our Founders’ Story

Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration was created from the brief but powerful life of Shane Alexander Williams.

Born in 1997 with spinal muscular atrophy, Shane passed away just two weeks after his birth.  Through their profound grief, Catherine Curry-Williams and Scott Williams began searching for a way to honor their son’s life. They soon realized that Shane’s disability would have prevented him from ever playing on a playground with other children. At that time, there were no truly accessible playgrounds in the Western United States.

Determined to change this, Catherine, Scott, and friend Tiffany Harris began rallying the Los Angeles community. Councilmembers rose up in support, as did the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, donating 2 acres in the iconic heart of the City…Griffith Park.

Friends, families, and donors joined the cause and built a powerful coalition that created the first Inclusive Playground in the western United States.  In 2000, they cut the ribbon on the “Shane’s Inspiration Playground,” celebrating the completion of their vision.  Then…..the calls began to come in from families requesting that there be an inclusive playground in every neighborhood, leading to the realization that the work of Shane’s Inspiration had just begun.

“It is the birthright of every child to
simply play in the park.”

Co-Founder, Scott Williams

While Shane was here for a very short moment, he powerfully inspired a wave of inclusive play, the ripples of which have changed the world forever.
Shane’s family continues to change the world. Both are active philanthropists for many organizations while championing inclusion worldwide. Together, Scott & Catherine have been honored by March of Dimes, L’Oreal Women of Worth, Good Housekeeping, KCET, Lifestyle Magazine, the City of Los Angeles and State of California.

While grateful for so many blessings in their lives, Scott and Catherine are most proud to be the parents of Shane’s younger sister Grace Alexandra.