Tips from a Specialist Teacher

As we are in the midst of our Stay-at-Home Learning, we recognize what parents and teachers are up against during this unique time. We appreciate all that they have accomplished. We invited one of our favorite teachers, Corky O’Rourke, to share some advice:

If you ask us, scheduling your day can become your super power! Creating designated time for learning and play (and sometimes they’re one in the same) will allow for not only studies to be completed, but emotional support for the whole family.

Recognize that learning doesn’t just happen with a teacher or a book at a desk. It can happen anywhere. Children are learning even when they’re PLAYING with Legos. That’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, spatial engineering, design and creativity.

Liven up your walks with some fun and learning! Check out the links below for more family support and time-management tips.

Did you know that Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration implements a playground schedule during our field trips with schools? (e.g., introductions, snack/rules, free-play, group activity, lunch, free play, group photo, good-byes.) This allows for the ultimate play time experience and fosters creativity and connection between students of ALL abilities. Learn more at

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