Exploring Food Using Play

Believe it or not, playing with food is a great way to introduce new foods to kids of all abilities! It decreases mealtime anxiety and builds familiarity. Together, try using cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into fun shapes. Make faces on a pizza with veggies. Try finger painting with pasta sauce. So many ways to explore food using play!

Teaching kids with disabilities how to cook is an important life skill to promote independence in kids with special needs. For our friends with physical disabilities, help them by creating an adaptive kitchen. Cutting and peeling vegetables, mixing ingredients, and shaping cookies are good places to start.

Transform your kitchen into an indoor playground at home with these suggestions:

Start with these Pre-Cooking Skills to Teach Children with Disabilities to Cook: youtu.be/ysw37NDVnoE

Did you know that each Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration playground has a unique theme that is dreamt up by the local community? Can you imagine a food-themed playground? Learn more about our inclusive playgrounds and programs at inclusionmatters.org

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