Curious George & Universal Studios

Curious George is our favorite little monkey who loves to PLAY. His friends at Universal Studios Hollywood join us as buddies to kids of ALL abilities and bring Curious George to our My PlayClub playdates at

Here are some great Curious George-themed ways to play #athome!

1) Read about his adventures! You can find new or used books on Amazon and Ebay

2) Bring it to life with this paper plate monkey face craft:

3) Sweeten it up with a simple banana pudding! Just mash 1/2 a banana, add 3 tsp of apple sauce, and stir 1 tsp of plain yogurt (recipe by Kinder Krunchies)

We would like to shine a spotlight on one of our biggest Playanthropists, Universal Studios Hollywood’s Discover A Star Foundation. Their support of our Together, We Are Able education program has enabled us to directly serve over 45,000 students in Southern California, teaching lessons of inclusion through play.

Did you know that every year, Universal Studios Hollywood’s employees spend a day volunteering in the community on their Universal Day of Giving? Let us know if your company would like to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs. Giving is Universal and Play is Universal, too!

Join the fun and become a member of our 365 Club by donating a $1 a day for play! Learn more at

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