Ballet For All Kids

In honor of #InternationalDanceDay, let’s invite all our little ones to experience the joy of dance! Research has shown that movement helps children with special needs improve social communication and motor skills.

Since ballet classes can foster friendships and acceptance, let’s meet Bonnie Schlachte, the founder of Ballet for All Kids, a truly unique non-profit dance studio. Their cooperative program makes classical ballet and other dance styles accessible using The Schlachte Method – a certified curriculum developed to accommodate all learning styles, body types, and abilities.

Watch the Ballet For All Kids Experience here:

Unfortunately, many children cannot succeed in a traditional class setting and are thus excluded from the numerous benefits that dance classes offer. Their integral approach offers a less restrictive environment paired with individualized attention and support in order to help every student succeed.

  • Behaviorally, ballet helps children self-regulate, improve attention span and listening skills, and decrease inappropriate behaviors.
  • Socially, ballet increases self-confidence and gives children a context in which to socialize. It improves eye contact and proprioception in relation to others, it increases emotional intelligence, and it assists in learning proper classroom etiquette.
  • Physically, ballet assists with motor planning, increased coordination in both gross and fine motor skills, balance, working bi- and cross-laterally, increased strength and flexibility, proprioceptive skills, and body awareness and confidence.

But more importantly, ballet is a way to help children express themselves and be part of a larger community of dancers. In class, children are ballet dancers – the therapeutic results are just icing on the cake. Learn more at

Let’s get moving and have some fun this weekend! You can join Ballet For All Kids for a variety of inclusive dance classes that are open to all. Full schedule and more info here:

Did you know that Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration uses dance on the playground to unite kids of all abilities? Our buddies love to move to music all through the playground. Learn more at

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