The Power of Inclusive Play

When children play, great things happen! Play is packed with physical activity, sensory exploration, social-emotional learning, and cognitive development. It’s a fun way to exercise the brain without it feeling like work! The power of play benefits ALL children, which is why we believe in bringing inclusive play to every community. With the help of families rallying together, you can gain the support of locals and city officials to help make this dream a reality.

Here are some resources to get the inclusion movement started in your community or school:

Did you know that Los Angeles is the most playable city in the world for children with disabilities? Since 1998, Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration has partnered with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks to create inclusive playgrounds for locals and family travelers from all over! We are so grateful for this powerful play partnership, led by the awesome General Manager Michael A. Shull. Visit here for a list of inclusive playground locations in Los Angeles:

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