Take a Virtual Field Trip

Teaching kids from home can be a bit bumpy and boring, at times, for the whole family. Virtual field trips can lighten the load and provide learning while having fun. We’ve sourced out some wonderful sites that provide links for virtual field trips. 

Prepare to get up close to animals, visit museums and national monuments, and travel the world! Dig in and have fun!

When your child attended a school field trip, did you ever try to get information from them on how it went and what they learned? It can be tough. Your child’s teacher will often do an in-class reflection to help her gauge your child’s level of interest and their “take away” or learning experience, but it may not be shared with you.

Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration has created a field trip log that can be used as a shared or independent writing activity after your child has attended a virtual field trip. Keep blank copies close at hand, as this log can also be used when your child returns to school: Field Trip Log.

Did you know that Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration services approximately 3,000 students in Los Angeles via our education program, “Together, We Are Able.”? Through this program, students attend a field trip to one of our local inclusive playgrounds. Children with disabilities have the opportunity to play and connect with their typically developing peers. It’s a wonderful morning of discovery, acceptance, and inclusion for ALL! To learn more, visit inclusionmatters.org.

Edutopia, George Lucas Educational Foundation, filmed one of our field trips, so let your kids come along to see what one of our field trips are like and learn why inclusion is important on the playground. Link: youtu.be/CX5RuM3L1Ic

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