Storytime with Four Bears In A Box

Are your kids getting bored at home? Well, we have a special story to share that will entertain and inspire kids of all abilities to use their imagination! Some very talented artists have brought the book, “Four Bears In A Box” to life in this video:

“Four Bears In A Box” is a work of action and adventure fiction written for children by author Dreama Denver and illustrated by artist Ashley Belote. The picture book was created based on stories that Dreama and her husband (TV legend Bob “Gilligan” Denver) had told to their young son, who was on the autism spectrum.

Voice Actor Charlie Adler, actor Kevin Sizemore, Nashville musician Delnora Reed, and author Dreama Denver hope this project will encourage kids to read more while at home.

You can bring your own books to life by having family members read different characters, adding funny voices, singing parts of the book, or adding sound effects or props. Talk to your kids about the story after you read the book. Make reading fun for your children and raise lifelong readers!

Reading aloud with children who have special needs will support early childhood brain development and help prepare them for school. For children with special needs, this isn’t always simple but giving a child a love for books will allow them to expand their mind and learning capabilities.

Here are a few resources to guide you:

Did you know that Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration is part of Too Small To Fail’s “Talk, Read, Sing” Initiative? Our playgrounds feature panels that prompt conversations while the kids play. We encourage parents to Talk, Read, Sing to your kids, especially those under 5 years old. Learn more at

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