Play Spaces Under Things

Our young friends love creating their own play spaces in different areas of the playground, especially underneath things! These fort-like spaces allow for creativity, independence, and sensory regulation. With this kind of freedom, imagination runs wild.

Here are some ways your home can have cozy fun zones, too!

1) Build a simple blanket fort using pillows, blankets, and chairs:

2) Turn your fort into a camp-in site! Keep it dark, bring a flashlight, and make a shadow puppet show (or create a simple cut-out for kids to hold their shadow puppets):

3) Special play spaces can also support self-regulation by reducing the sensory processing load. Here are some great tips on transforming this space with calming considerations:

Did you know that our playgrounds are designed to include this important element of inclusive play? Playground noise may feel overwhelming for some friends, but playing under structures and inside Cozy Domes can still be a lot of fun! Learn more at

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