Picnic & Play in your own Backyard

We have all been social distancing for months now, but children with disabilities experience this on a regular basis. So, as we start seeing friends again, we encourage you to include children with special needs. Being included will mean so much to them!

An inclusive friendship benefits everyone. Children with special needs learn from their peers and thrive. Typically developing children learn respect, understanding and friendship. So, how about planning an inclusive picnic playdate? We have some great suggestions here.

  • Kids can jump in and help with these delicious kid-friendly picnic faves by Martha Stewart. Crafting sandwiches, fruits & veggies, and a little sweet treat will make your family picnic even more enjoyable. For our young friends, cooking/prepping/packing also teaches independent living skills! marthastewart.com/275233/plan-a-picnic-lunch-with-the-kids
  • The ultimate list for outdoor fun! Check out these family games that are also adaptive for friends using wheelchairs and highlight skills like balancing, throwing, and wheeling: activeforlife.com/activities
  • More play ideas for your front or backyard! This guide includes examples of modified sporty activities for kids of all abilities, with suggestions on how to make them more adaptive and advanced: sdsc.org.sg/downloads/lets-play-together.pdf

Did you know that our education program includes a field trip to one of our inclusive playgrounds? Kids of all abilities play together and have a picnic lunch. This gives kids the opportunity to connect through active play and conversation. Learn more at inclusionmatters.org.

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