Garden Play & Horticultural Therapy

Gardening reduces stress and helps children cope with anxiety and frustration. Since we all might be feeling a bit of that, why not create a garden at home? Or bring a garden into your home with some fun, garden crafts for kids of all ages and abilities.

The benefits of special needs gardening include improved motor skills, enhanced creativity, increased social skills and improved self-confidence. Let’s learn more about gardening with special needs children at

Fun gardening activities can provide opportunities for families to learn together, while encouraging love for nature and the environment:

How about a little Horticultural Therapy? People with disabilities can learn and prosper by being in the garden and working with plants. Think of all the sensory stimulation.

“The sound of a light water fountain, the smell of mint leaves and the feel of a waxy leaf are all great sensory input, but still relaxing and easy to take in. Horticultural Therapy can be an especially positive experience for children who are blind or visually impaired.”

Did you know that Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration’s playground designer is a landscape architect who weaves the natural landscape into the design and placement of each new playground. Learn more at

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