Sports are for ALL Kids

Children need to move to ensure their physical and mental well-being. Now, more than ever, our kids are spending hours in front of screens for distance learning. So let’s get them moving with some creative sports, games, and play for kids of all abilities.

We asked our families to share videos and photos of their kids playing sports to show off what kids of ALL abilities can do: We added video from our Run, Walk & Roll and Bankshot Basketball Court to share the fun

Here are a few ideas to play at home:

  • Give dancing a try! Our friends at Infinite Flow Dance are offering free IG Live classes that are inclusive for people with and without disabilities. Learn more at
  • How about a game of adaptive tennis? Check out balloon tennis to exercise gross motor skills: You just need paper plates, jumbo popsicle sticks, and balloons [as the tennis ball].
  • Bowling at home? Yes! You can create an adaptive bowling activity using an open-ended box, ball and ‘bowling pins’ (action figures, plastic bottles or other small objects). This is a fun activity to practice hand-eye coordination.

Did you know that Shane’s Inspiration Playground in Griffith Park has a Bankshot Basketball Court that is inclusive and non-competitive? Kids of all abilities can practice shooting hoops from different spots on the court. Learn more at

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