Marci Moran

Marci Moran

Inspire inclusion. Compassion and acceptance will follow.

What inspires me most about our mission are the people. From our incredible staff, dedicated board members, committed volunteers, generous sponsors and loyal donors, to the exceptional children and beautiful families we serve, you can truly see and feel the difference we all make in each other’s lives. #inclusionmatters #weplay2

A native of St. Louis, Marci attended Missouri State University, Springfield for her BFA and MA (abt). She served as the Education Director at the renowned Springfield Little Theatre.  She headed west to work in film and television as an actress, but also worked in television development for Bob Banner Productions and CBS Entertainment. In 1999, Marci started volunteering for Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration and currently serves as the Sr. Vice President of Outreach & Events.

Since joining Inclusion Matters, Marci has helped raise over $10 million in event revenue to support the mission. She produces the gala, golf tournament, run/walk/roll, and bingo events annually. Marci also oversees the My PlayClub program in Los Angeles, hosts the virtual Fun4All program, and manages all the social media content. Her passion is for the kids and families who participate in the programs that Inclusion Matters offers. As Marci celebrates 23 years with the organization, she feels blessed to work with such a devoted staff, led by the wise and thoughtful Tiffany Harris. She is beyond grateful to each and every one of her friends who support Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration – and there are hundreds! Finally, she is thankful every day for her husband, Jack, daughter, Georgia, and son, Luke, who have been very active volunteers since the beginning and give her endless support.