Play At Home

During the COVID-19 health crisis, we created over 60 ideas to help spark playful learning, therapies, and fun projects in your home. Our Professional Advisory Board members and partners shared ideas to help our families at home. We hope these activities will guide you in ways to play together at home.

Sensory Time with Jennifer Quick

It feels good. It smells good. It’s shaving cream! Watch as our Education Program Manager, Jennifer Quick, shows you ways to use shaving cream as a sensory favorite at home! All you need is a cookie sheet or surface as your blank canvas.

Wheelchair Racing & Macarena

Kids just wanna have fun! That includes kids with disabilities. Check out these kids racing wheelchairs and dancing the Macarena. Just because someone uses a wheelchair doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy going fast and having a little frivolity in their lives.

Musical Play at Home

Our friends on the playground love to sing songs and play rhythm instruments with their buddies ( It’s soothing, joyful, and inclusive! These are things we can all use in our lives, especially right now.

Stretch with 14-year old Ezra Frech

Stretch with 14-year old Ezra Frech – Meet Ezra Frech, a 14-year old aspiring Paralympian, who was a part of our private launch of our first virtual My PlayClub on Saturday, 3/28/20. Join Ezra for a few stretches as he shares his story at