Our Partners

Too Small To Fail

A joint initiative of the Clinton Foundation and the Opportunity Institute, Too Small To Fail has transformed bus stations, markets, laundry mats and more by placing engaging reading prompts that promote communication between caregivers and young children… meeting families with rich literacy tools where they live, work and play.

We know that playtime can be talk time too – an opportunity for parents and families to engage their children in brain-building activities while exercising their bodies through fun, interactive activities. That is why Inclusion Matters support’s Too Small To Fail’s critical mission of improving literacy skills in early childhood by transforming inclusive public play spaces into beautiful outdoor classrooms that feature literacy prompts for caregivers and young children.

In 2015, Inclusion Matters, Too Small To Fail and Landscape Structures opened the first inclusive playground in the country that offered reading and communication play panels here in Los Angeles. Featuring engaging designs, questions, and story prompts in multiple languages, these panels are now woven into each of our playground designs.

To learn more, please visit: http://toosmall.org/