Training & Curriculum

Social Inclusion Trainings and Resources

At Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration, we know that EVERY child deserves to bring their unique gifts, talents, and joy to their school community.

We also know that creating a school campus that truly includes every child takes teamwork. Our training content and staff are here to support you! All our professional development trainings and curriculum are free of charge.

Curriculum & Online Training Video

Easy to use and modify, the content includes:

  • Teacher’s guides for the classroom workshops
  • A detailed inclusive play guide for the field trips/campus play events
  • A modular education Digital Download that shows a day-in-the-life for students with disabilities
  • Supplemental activities & reading to continue the inclusion conversation

The 60-minute, modular social inclusion video training, which is a companion to the curriculum, can help you:

  • Guide ability awareness conversations in schools
  • Facilitate social interaction between general and special education students
  • Deepen your understanding of students with sensory processing disorder at play
  • The combination of tips and visual demonstrations is a powerful resource that can help you create an inclusive social setting on your school campus.)

Professional Development Workshops

Topics include:

  • Increase awareness of the social/physical/sensory needs and perspectives of children with a wide range of disabilities.
  • Teach social inclusion and play-based strategies to help support social interaction.
  • Provide a deeper understanding on how to support students with Sensory Processing Disorders through play and modifications to the school environment.

These trainings can be offered to school staff, parents, non-profits, recreation agencies, and more.

For more information, contact Blanca Villareal, Education Program Manager, at [email protected]

Online Professional Development Workshops

Through webinars and Zoom Room training, participants can go deeper into chosen topics that are of interest to them. Some of the past topics have included:

  • Indoor and outdoor modifications to support students with Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Best practices in establishing social inclusion on school campuses
  • Facilitating inclusive play
  • Sensory design

For more information, contact Blanca Villareal, Education Program Manager, at [email protected]