The Magic of Play with Alain Nu

We all love magic. From a very early age we are drawn to what we don’t understand. We want to discover the tricks. Let your sense of wonder light up your day. Escape from the COVID-19 lockdown and explore some magic!

We have a special performance for you from Alain Nu, “The Man Who Knows,” a mentalist, illusionist, author and lecturer. Alain is known for demonstrations of ESP, mind reading, telekinesis, metal bending, and illusions. Video link: youtu.be/MHB4e7BTIM8

  • WhatsUpMom shares 5 Magic Tricks Kids Can Do with household props you probably already have: youtu.be/V2tDK9wfCYs
  • Breathe Arts Health Research (@BreatheAHR) has five years clinical research to validate the medical benefits of the performing arts and magic-based therapy for young people with hemiplegia or mental health, within London and Nationwide. breatheahr.org/breathe-magic/
  • Magic Therapy can improve a variety of skills including cognition, motor skills, communication, social skills, and flexible thinking (creativity) using simple magic tricks. magictherapy.com/
  • Zach King (@ZachKing – Vine) reveals 3 magic tricks to fool your friends: youtu.be/mtWDLLtxoHY

Did you know that Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration creates the Magic of Play on our inclusive playgrounds? Our playground in Griffith Park has been compared to Disneyland! We are a global leader in creating inclusive playgrounds and programs that unite children of all abilities. Learn more at inclusionmatters.org.

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