Shirley Bresnick

Shirley Bresnick

You benefit children of all types when you build a civilized society.

I’m inspired by the meaningful work we do for children who face a wide variety of challenges.  Our “Together We Are Able” education program benefits them emotionally, mentally and physically through their inclusive playground field trips.  This is a vital part of building a more civilized society.

Early in 2002, Shirley was introduced to our Founders, to our current Director, and began her continued, meaningful association with Shane’s Inspiration.  For the first few weeks, she was a volunteer assisting the small staff in their growth efforts.  Shortly thereafter, she was hired, in coordination with her colleagues, to establish our Field trip Program, “Together, We Are Able”.  Shirley was responsible for communicating with LAUSD Special Education teachers to arrange, schedule and participate in our planned playground field trips.  She was our first contact person with the L.A. CITY Councilmembers and office aides, developing their advocacy and ensuring school transit donations.  Until 2015, she continued developing City Council support in addition to her responsibilities as a field trip organizer and playground participant.  Currently, she remains an Inclusion Matters staff member furthering the interest of the 15 City Councilmembers as well as confirming their transit donations.  Her varied work also includes Community Outreach and Education Program assignments.

Our office has been and remains Shirley’s “home away from home”.  To continue quoting Shirley: “My colleagues, past and present, are my family friends.  Helping to benefit challenged students has been my on-going passion.”