Aly Graiwer

Aly Graiwer

Play is life, no matter your age or ability.

Our My PlayClub events are my favorite because I get the opportunity to see our mission in action.  It’s impossible not to be inspired when you hear the delighted squeals of children on our We-Go Round or We-Saw.  Knowing that I played even a small part in those memories is what it’s all about.

After attending the University of Oregon, Aly went to work in non-profit fundraising before moving into the world of early education.  She chose to take a break from the workforce to raise her two beautiful boys, volunteering all the while. In 2017, She made the decision to go back to work and was fortunate enough to be accepted to the LA Fellows program at Los Angeles Valley College.  Volunteerism was a key component of the program and it led Aly to Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration. After completing 100 hours of volunteer work with our Events and Outreach, a position became available on staff. It’s true what they say, timing is everything!!

Aly lives in Sherman Oaks with her husband, Ken, two sons, Jadon and Austin and their 3 crazy dogs.