Inclusion Matters in schools because every student matters

But not all children are seen as equal in the eyes of their school community.

Did you know that children with disabilities are 65% more likely to experience bullying than children without? The exclusion, labeling, and teasing they face in schools can result in years of social isolation. One study found that 1 in 4 young adults with Autism who participated had no peer contact for an entire year.

Can you imagine a childhood without a single friend?

Inclusion Matters addresses this social discrimination by promoting inclusion on school campuses across the world.

Watch How…

Join us and create a truly inclusive school environment today!

Inclusion makes us all better, together.

Join our social inclusion program that teaches compassion in the classroom and on the playground. Book your interactive field trip today!

Interested in transforming your school campus? Our proven curriculum and trainings, now in over 65 countries, give you the tools you need to promote social inclusion both in students and among your colleagues.

Got Social/Emotional Learning mandates? Our program helps fill them…

Students explore their feelings, beliefs, and reactions to people with disabilities.

Social Awareness
Interpersonal Skills Students learn how their biases impact their peers and overcome those through play!

Responsible Decision Making
Students identify changes in beliefs and behaviors that will include EVERYONE